Electronic scrap yards Tsakane

Electronic scrap yards Tsakane, e scrap is our business

Electronic scrap yards Tsakane, e-scrap is our business.  What is an e-waste scrap yard?  It is a place where you can take your old unused cell phone and dispose of it safely.

Alternatively, we also collect old junk phones and computers.  Not only these but also all other electronic junk.

Did you know that components like CPUs that become scrap can be harmful?  For example, parts like lead or cadmium can become a health risk.  This is why devices need to be disposed of correctly.

Hence, the start of a great concept like us.

Electronic scrap yards Tsakane
Scrap Metal in Tsakane

What does scrap metal yards Tsakane do?

What does electronic scrap yards Tsakane do?  Whatever the part and whatever the size.  E-waste is what we want.  We will either reuse components or destroy them properly.  Our approach is ethical and fair.

We take your privacy seriously and will make sure that all data is wiped for good.  If any part of a device is reused you need to know that no one has it.  We guarantee this process for your protection of personal information.

On the other hand, perhaps you have an old TV.  Well, we want that too.  Because whatever metals are parts that can be recycled will be used.

Don’t just chuck out that broken toaster.  Call us we collect old electronics for cash.

Electronic scrap

We at electronic scrap yards Tsakane want what is best for the environment.  If electrical goods are disposed of incorrectly they can be a future health hazard.

According to statistics e-scrap is in the millions worldwide and causing harm as we speak.  Along with plastic, it is not biodegradable.  So rather be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Anything in your cupboard, either at home or the office, we will take.  We offer a collection service to remove e-waste.  Any electric trash you no longer need, we do. 

Talk to us now about our policies and procedures. 

Recycling old circuit boards and electric motors. 

We offer an e waste pick service. 

Contact the computer scrap buyers.

Call electronic scrap yards Tsakane.  Old printers, monitors, electronic devices, gadgets, and more. 

We are honest and provide our customers with full disclosure on dismantling their e-waste.

Electronic scrap yards Tsakane

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